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Furnace Service

Furnace Service

Don't risk your comfort when you need it most this season, schedule your preventative furnace service and maintenance plan

Georgian Home Comfort serving Barrie and Orillia, Ontario specializes in furnace services

Furnace maintenance plans come in a large variety of options, and the certified HVAC technicians at Georgian Home Comfort can help choose what is best for your needs and your budget with our comprehensive furnace services.

It is best not to wait until your furnace isn't working efficiently, or even at all, before you look into a preventative furnace maintenance plan. Our maintenance inspections will ensure your furnace is running safely, reliably and with the utmost efficiency. We have the knowledge and experience to offer furnace cleaning, change furnace filters, clean furnace ducts, check for leaks and unhealthy gases, and ensure everything is working as needed with comprehensive furnace services.

You may not be aware that your furnace could be suffering from dust, movement or thermal stress, thus lowering the efficiency. This could be due to the duct work loosening from thermal expansion and contraction or blower motor bearings being in need of lubrication. However, the team at Georgian Home Comfort can identify less obvious issues through our furnace services, such as: improperly firing burners, loose wiring harnesses, slowly leaking coolant from the AC system, loose blower belt, blocked condensate drain, and more!

In addition, a safety test for carbon monoxide is performed during each furnace maintenance, ensuring the unit's safe operating temperature and the safety of your family.

An improperly maintained furnace can lead to multiple hazards, such as carbon monoxide poisoning and a fire or explosion from high amounts of pressure. These risks can result in a red tagged furnace - which means your furnace is declared unsafe and needs to be either repaired or replaced. Georgian Home Comfort has experience in dealing with red tagged furnaces and can provide advice and a repair or replacement of your furnace if needed.

The best way to keep your furnace efficient and reliable is to have it inspected before your really need it! Before the cold weather strikes, set up an appointment with Georgian Home Comfort. Yearly fall maintenance can save you time, money and frustration.

As a feature of our furnace services, we have what is called The Georgian Home Comfort 23 Point Furnace Tune-Up, which includes:
1. Checking operation of Thermostat
2. Checking operation of safety limit controls
3. Lubricating fan and motor bearings as required
4. Removing and cleaning motor and blower assembly as required
5. Checking motor amperage (blower motor)
6. Checking gas pressure on furnace
7. Checking condition, tension and alignment of fan belt. Adjust if necessary. We we advise the customer if a replacement required
8. Checking operation of ventor blower
9. Cleaning burners and visually set for proper combustion and ignition
10. Examining vent connector
11. Inspecting venting system
12. Checking pilot and ignition system (including HSI)
13. Checking pilot if required
14. Checking gas pilot safety system
15. Visual check of gas piping to furnace
16. Checking pressure switches and power vent system
17. Checking air filters and instruct customer on filter maintenance
18. Performing a carbon monoxide test (with furnace on and off)
19. Inspecting combustion/ventilation air space
20. Inspecting and cleaning heat exchanger and flue passages *
21. Inspect airing cushion tasks and supports (Hydronic Systems)
22. Checking operation of vent damper
23. Checking condition of condensate line and flush
*Cleaning of heat exchangers: Some manufacturers of condensing high-efficiency furnaces have recommended that the heat exchanger be flushed annually. This is not covered and is a billable service. Charges are based on time and materials.

For more information on our furnace services or furnace maintenance plans, please contact Georgian Home Comfort in Barrie, Ontario. We service Barrie, Orillia, Simcoe County, Muskoka and the Georgian Bay regions.

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