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Hydronic Heating System Installation

Hydronic Heating System Installation

Enjoy superior comfort and control of your households heating!

Georgian Home Comfort in Barrie, Ontario features reliable and efficient Hydronic Heating Systems Installations

Hydronic heating is an innovative heating system that excels at energy efficiency by using tubing that runs hot liquid under your floor, through radiators or along baseboard heaters to heat your home. Add comfort and control to your home's heating zones with hydronic heating installations by Georgian Home Comfort in Barrie, Ontario. Save with lower heating bills and a decrease in environmental impact with smart green building choices.

This heating system works by having alternative heated liquid or hot water regulated through your home in loops of plastic piping under or within your flooring to provide radiant heat evenly across your entire floor surface and from the ground up. Never have cold feet again!

This system is superior because hydronic heating constantly radiates heat from the ground up providing both floor and room heating. Traditional heater systems blow warm air through ducts in various locations and finally to its destination by a small number of ducts in the room. Because it is not even heating throughout your home, it leads to cold spots and temperature spikes or dips when the system is turned on or off. Enjoy precise comfort and save money on your heating bills with hydronic heating systems.

You may initially think hydronic heating systems restricts floor options, as it is more commonly installed in concrete slabs of flooring, however advanced designs and installation techniques have made it possible to install hydronic heating systems in or under a wide variety of flooring such as carpet, hardwood, vinyl and more.

Chris Yanch and the team at Georgian Home Comfort will visit your home and do an analysis of your heating needs and recommend the best value setup for your situation. We both sell and install hydronic heating systems. For more information, call Georgian Home Comfort today at +1 (705) 720-2665.

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