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Red Tag Removal for Gas Appliances

Red Tag Removal for Gas Appliances

Has your furnace or other gas appliance been red tagged?

Georgian Home Comfort in Barrie, Ontario specializes in red tag removal for gas appliances

A red tag, also known as a warning tag, is placed on a gas appliance by a licensed technician to indicate that it is no longer safe to operate, and may need to be repaired or replaced. This is unavoidable, as the law requires a red tag if a gas appliance is a danger to your home, family and even neighbours.

It is common for older equipment and those which are not properly maintained to get red tagged. This includes appliances such as a furnace, hot water heater, boilers, gas fireplaces or any other natural gas, propane or oil fuel burning appliance.

The most common of these, especially leading into the winter, is the red tagged furnace.

It can be a big inconvenience, but the important thing to remember is that your safety is the most important aspect. A red tagged furnace is often the result of an improperly maintained furnace. This can put you at risk for a fire, explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Regular furnace maintenance allows your furnace to be very safe, and avoid a red tag. Just like your car, your furnace and gas appliances need regular inspection, cleaning and a check. Georgian Home Comfort offers a variety of services to gas appliances, which can help you avoid any inconveniences and costly repairs or replacements.

There are two types of red tags:

Red Tag Type A is the most serious, which indicated that you and your family are in immediate serious danger. This is commonly due to a carbon monoxide leak that has been detected. This tag results in a call to the gas company and immediate shut off of your gas.

Red Tag Type B is the warning tag. It will not result in a gas shut off right away, however you will need to have your appliance fixed within the indicated time frame or your gas will be shut off.

Unfortunately, not all red tags are "real". Sometimes, companies can issue red tags to get extra work making repairs that are not needed. If you have a red tagged furnace or other gas appliance, call the experts at Georgian Home Comfort for a second opinion. We will double check the situation and advise you on your options.

For more information on red tag removal for gas appliances, or how to fix your red tagged furnace, please contact the licensed technicians at Georgian Home Comfort in Barrie, Ontario. We offer free quotes on red tagged furnaces and gas appliances.

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